Bloomsbury: Emily Easton Says Farewell

Bloomsbury Childrens Books logo smallChanges are once again afoot at Bloomsbury Children’s Books.  But that’s become the “thing” in modern publishing.

Bloomsbury bought out Walker Books for Young Readers along with the rest of Walker and Company in 2005.  When it was acquired, Walker published about 40 books a year and several Walker employees were moved to Bloomsbury.  Then it was remodeled as a “boutique imprint” with Emily Easton bringing in most of the 18 books.

The Walker imprint is now being folded into Bloomsbury, and Emily Easton will be leaving the company.  Bloomsbury Children’s Books plans to produce 100 to 125 books in 2014.

Bloomsbury is closed to submissions but if you registered for the Missouri SCBWI Advanced Writer’s Retreat, you will have a chance to meet and learn from Bloomsbury senior editor, Mary Kate Castellani.


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