ReenergizeRecently, Margo Dill posted about how stressed she was because her book was launching, thus the launch party was this week, her daughter was sick and their house had finally sold.  “How,” she asked, “do you deal with the stress?”  Everyone gamely offered up suggestions.  In horror, I read “Get your husband to take you out for dinner…”  No!   Don’t go out.  You’re already stressed.

Sorry.  That’s just the introvert in me raging at being drug out with people when I’m already maxed out.

The first step to reenergizing?  Figuring out if you’re an extrovert (I actually live with one) or an introvert (me, me, pick me!).  Warning, you can genuinely like people sometimes and still be an introvert.  An extrovert can be quiet.  To decide which you are, look at where you get your energy.  As much as I like being around people, I am truly an introvert.  When I’ve had enough . . . let’s just say that enough is enough.

My methods to recharge probably only work for introverts.  Do something nurturing and quiet.  For me, this can mean knitting while I listen to music or an audio book.  Or I walk on the treadmill and read a book.  But my absolute favorite?

Pajama Day.

Pajama Day is pretty simple.  You spend the day in your pajamas.  You don’t do things that you have to do.  You do things that you want to do.  You don’t have to stay unplugged all day, but start the day that way.  Do not check your e-mail.  Do not go over your manuscript one last time.  That query letter?  Back away!

I generally lay claim to the sofa in the living room.  It’s long enough to stretch out on, the cushions can be rearranged for maximum comfort and there’s no TV.  It is also a supremely sunny room, bright and cheery.

My next pajama day is scheduled for April 5th.  If you drop by that morning, I will be in my pajamas.

For more on how to deal with the stress of writing and life, see my post today at the Muffin.


3 thoughts on “Reenergizing

  1. What a great idea, SueBE! We should start a petition to make it an actual holiday. I’ll join you from afar on April 5th – pajamas, coffee, perhaps a scone. Bliss!

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