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March 17, 2014

Breaking In

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Breaking inMost of us write because we have stories to share with potential readers.  Finding potential readers often means finding an agent or an editor.  But how do you make that first sale, or break into that new market, when you are up against established professionals?

There’s no doubt about it.  It is hard.  Editors and agents with good reputations have generally been in the business for a while.  Their stables are already full of well-published writers.  You might be able to get your toe in the door but you are likely to get a lot of rejection letters before you get the all coveted YES.

Improve your chances by looking for new editors and agents.

Wait a minute.  Didn’t I just say that you want someone with a proven track record?  No, I haven’t forgotten that.

A new agency created by an established agent who has decided to strike out on her own is going to need clients.  Yes, some of her old clients will follow her to her new position, but there may well be openings.

A new agent at an established agency won’t have as much experience as an established agent, but she will be working alongside someone who does have the experience.  Additionally, she will have access to all of the agencies contacts and may also bring a few new ones into the mix.

An established publisher will have the weight of their name.  A new editor, such as an assistant editor, will have the resources of this publisher on hand but will need writers to publish.

Combine the old and the new to increase your chances of getting a YES on your next submission.



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