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March 6, 2014

Independent Publishing: Part 2 of an Interview with author/publisher Darcy Pattison

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Yestereday, I featured Part 1 of this interview with author/publisher Darcy Pattison.  Today, we finish this interview discussing first her houses list for Spring 2014.  With no further ado, here we go…

SueBE: What are Mim House’s Spring 2014 titles?  

Darcy Pattison:

Abayomi, the Brazilian Puma: The True Story of an Orphaned Cub (March, 2014) is another collaboration with illustrator Kitty Harvill. Her genius is to do almost museum-quality portraits of a specific individual animal. Nothing is generic in her work. This is another touching story from the wild to add to Wisdom’s story.

The Girl, the Gypsy & the Gargoyle (March, 2014) started when I read Michelangelo’s statement, “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of a sculptor to discover it.” Perversely, I wondered if someone could be trapped in stone just for the purpose of being sculpted.

Saucy and Bubba: A Hansel and Gretel Tale (April, 2014 release) is about a step-family dealing with alcoholism and a brother/sister who run away from home.

Vagabonds is my American fantasy (May, 2014).  For decades, the southern states have witnessed the relentless migration of vagabonds from Mexico. They are now found as far north as the Ozarks of southern Missouri. No one knows why they keep traveling north, ever northward. Until now. In the tradition of Charlotte’s Web or The Underneath comes the American fantasy, VAGABONDS, the saga of El Garro’s armadillo colony, the scouts and pioneers who have always been at the forefront of the migration.

SueBE:  What do you have to say to writers who see independent publishing as a short cut?

Darcy Pattison: 

Publishing independently means you are a small business. In the U.S., most small businesses take a minimum of three years to turn a profit and during that time, the business-person works hard. Very hard. Why would you think being an independent publisher is any different? You must write, produce and market stories that someone will want to read. You must develop or hire out skills to edit and produce the story. You must find audiences who want to read what you write and find ways to get the word out to them on a consistent basis that a new story is available. Indie publishing is hard work, with no guarantees that it will succeed.

My long experience in traditional publishing grounded me in the need for the highest quality work. You must learn that somewhere and the marketplace is a harsh place to learn it. There are no shortcuts for learning to write well. It’s a profession with a long apprenticeship. Only after you’ve mastered writing skills should you attempt this.

SueBE:  What have you been able to do as an independent author that you were unable to do when you were publishing traditionally?

Darcy Pattison:

Publish books that I believe in. Market flexibility to put the right book in the hands of the right reader.

Both are curses and blessings, depending on the day you ask me.

SueBE:  Would you ever consider traditionally publishing again?  If so, under what circumstances?  If not, why not?

Darcy Pattison:

Maybe. If my health declined and I wanted an easy buck. If I was offered a large enough advance and had input into marketing. Never say, “Never.” But for now, I am Indie. (Hear me roar!)

SueBE:  What have you learned that you wished you knew when you started publishing on your own?

Darcy Pattison:

Marketing. I wish I had worked twenty years somewhere in marketing, because while the Internet sounds perfect for this, it’s not easy. I have had to learn so many concepts and principles that are foreign to my basic skills of plotting, characterization, pacing and so on. Writing, I can do. Marketing is always a struggle.

Check back with me in three years and I’ll tell you if this small business has made it or not!

SueBE:  What’s next for Mims House?

Darcy Pattison: We have a full publishing schedule for the next few years ( And we are moving into audio books. By summer, all our spring novels listed above will be available on Audible/Amazon in an audio format. Come and read an Indie! Sign up for our newsletter at


SueBE:  Special thanks to Darcy for taking the time to answer my questions.  If you have any questions for Darcy, be sure to ask them below.



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