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February 28, 2014

What to Write About: Choosing Topics

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SendakWrite about kid friendly topics.

It’s one of those bits of advice that initially seem helpful.  But then you find yourself asking — what topics are kid friendly?  Let me answer that by asking you a question. What are you interested in now? You may approach things differently than you did when you were 7 or 8, but your genereal interests are probably very similar.

What am I interested in now?  History, reading, archaeology/anthropology, rocks, cooking, knitting in particular and crafts in general.

As I child, I devoured history.  I didn’t realize that that is what I was doing.  I thought I was exploring the ruins and living history sections of the Fort my father and grandfather took me to see.

I didn’t call it anthropology back then but I also dove into any experience that let me see how someone else lived.  My parents knew they had better keep a close eye on me not because I would get into trouble but because I would grow so absorbed I would wander off.

I could go on but let’s say that everything I’m devoted to now has a childhood correlation, and I don’t think I’m unique.  I’m currently taking an online Human Evolution course taught by Dr. John Hawk of the University of Wisconsin, Madison. In his video lectures he interviews a wide variety of anthropologists and paleontologists.  He always asks them how they got into their field.  The vast marjority explain that they have been interested in similar things since childhood.

No, what interests you now might not interest every child.  But you can’t write for the mass that is “children.”  It is too big.  They are too complex.  Instead, find a topic and write for the child who loves the same things you did.




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