Capstone Press

This fall (2014) Capstone Young Readers is launching a YA imprint, Switch Press.  Switch Press will publish contemporary nonfiction (cookbooks, craft and how-to titles) narrative nonfiction, historical fiction, fantasy, graphic novels and poetry in both hardcover and digital formats.

John Rahm, Capstone Young Readers senior product manager, will oversee Switch Press.   He will be assisted by both of Capstone’s editorial directors, Michael Dahl (fiction) and Nick Healy (nonfiction).  Rahm explained that Switch Press aims to turn YA readers on to new ideas.

The fall titles include:

  • The Isobel Journal, an illustrated memoir by 18-year-old Isobel Harrop (August)
  • Grace and the Guiltless, a historical novel with a Wild West setting, by Erin Johnson (August)
  • Half My Facebook Friends Are Ferrets by J.A. Buckle, contemporary fiction (September)
  • and a second historical novel, this one set in Victorian London, The Diamond Thief by Sharon Gosling (October).
These will be followed by 4 to 6 titles in the spring and 8 to 12 each subsequent year.  
The web site will launch this May with book trailers and chapter previews.
You can find out more at Publisher’s Weekly.

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