Focus: Decluttering to help you write

DeskSome days I have no problem sitting down to write.  I come into my office, sit down and get right to work. Other days, my mind bounces around and refuses to settle on the task at hand.  While there’s no one cause for this, often my problem comes down to clutter.

I’ll be the first to admit it.  I am not naturally neat.  If anything, I am just the opposite.  This is obvious at my desk and in my home office.  I move from job to job leaving a trail of files, books, papers and craft supplies in my wake.  Sure, there are those rare times that I pick up after myself before moving on to the next task but those times are rare indeed.

As much as I loathe picking up and putting away, I have to admit that once my work area reaches a certain level of entropy, it is distracting.  I am pulled out of the task at hand when I can’t find what I need, can’t find someplace to put down my coffee cup or get caught in what I lovingly call a crap-alanche.

I may never be a truly neat person but I have learned that to be productive I have to keep certain areas of my office semi-neat.  These include the spare chair and the area immediately around my computer.  I’m slowly but surely reducing the clutter throughout the room as a whole but for now these are the places i am focusing on.

The other area that distracts me if it becomes cluttered is my to-do list.  Maybe it’s because we are natural list makers but many writers I know admit to having out-of-control to-do lists.  For me, a list that is too look keep me from working efficiently.  To find out what I do about this, read today’s post at the Muffin.


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