Freebies: The sample chapter

The Girl, the Gypsy & the Gargoyle by Darcy PattisonYesterday, I wrote about using Pinterst to promote my work.  Pinterest provides potential readers with visual links to your work whether it is work published on a web site, such as my crafts and activities on, a blog, or samples on your web site.

Another way to promote your work is to give away samples of your writing.  Think of all the samples they give away in the grocery store or the big box stores.  Give people a taste of something fabulous and they are going to want more even if they have to pay to get it.

As a writer, you can do this in two ways.

Give away a chapter.  Think about how you shop for books.  You flip it open, read a few pages and then decide.  Do I buy it or not.  A sample chapter lets your potential reader do the same thing.  For the reader, it is a no risk way to try out a new-to-them writer.  For the writer, its a chance to hook a buyer.

Give aways a short story, prologue or novella.  Instead of giving away a piece of that particular book, you can introduce readers to your characters and story world through a separate piece of writing.  Think of it like hooking reades on a series.  If they pick up book one and love the characters, they are much more likely to read books two and three.

Both of these methods are being used to market Darcy Pattison’s latest novel, The Girl, the Gypsy and the Gargoyle.  Sample her work here and see if you aren’t tempted to buy.  You’ll also come away with some ideas about how to market your work.




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