Background Music

Do you keep background music going while you write?  The above is a favorite provided by my friend Al White.

I have to admit that I normally don’t listen to music when I write.  At least I don’t when I am at home by myself.  When I’m doing photo editing, I use Pandora and listen to the Rockabilly Revival Station or the Rock and Roll Roots Station.  You see, I can sing while I photo edit but singing while I write doesn’t tend to work very well.

The above is how I work by choice.  Sometimes I have to write while there are other people home and they aren’t being still and/or quiet.  Or my people are being still and quiet, but I can’t seem to coerce the yappy dogs that live nearby to knock it off.

That’s when I have to turn music on.  Again, I listen to Pandora and usually choose the Nature Sounds Station.  Recently Meg Miller recommended the Classical for Studying Station, also on Pandora. It will be nice to have choices the next time I need this version of white noise.



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