Hybrid Books

A hybrid novel?
A hybrid novel?

Last weekend, when my critique group met, we knew that an novel told in letters (or other correspondence) is called an epistolary novel.  But we weren’t sure to call what Shannon is writing.

There is straight up narrative (and scenes) but there are letters.  And an online newsletter.  And a lot more little bits and pieces.  What do you call this kind of hodgepodge?

We can all name books like this from Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Origami Yoda, with their journal entries and drawings.  But add in handouts, texts, e-mails, and more and what do you call it?  Mishmash novel seemed disrespectful given that we all love Shannon’s manuscript.

Then Jeanie hit on it — hybrid novel.  Once we had a name, Shannon even found an article.  That said, I have to more or less respectfully disagree with the author of said article.  Just because a book has illustrations and substantial text, doesn’t make it a hybrid novel.  It could be, as is the Magic Tree House series named in the article, a chapter book.

What would you call a novel that is a hybrid of text, some of which is presented in the form of standard texts, IMs, texts, or e-mails, and a variety of graphics?


2 thoughts on “Hybrid Books

  1. I would call it realistic!😃 maybe this style of writing is the perfect vehicle to capture our time…

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