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January 21, 2014

Manuscript Length

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Now and Ben is 890 words long.

Now and Ben is 890 words long.

Just how long does your manuscript need to be?  Of course, it depends on whether or not you are writing a picture book, a chapter book or a young adult novel.  Fortunately, there are several places you can find this information.

You can find a rough estimate of length in various guides, including The Book published each year by the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

That’s not bad but specific publishers often have a target length, especially if you are submitting your work for a certain series or line of books.  To find out what one publisher wants over another, check their writer’s guidelines.  Sometimes this handy document will contain that information.

Even if it doesn’t, check their catalog for the titles of several books from the target series or line.  Once you have titles and author’s names, head on over to the Renaissance Publishing AR quiz store.  Once their, search on the title of your target book.  If you find a quiz on this book, click on it and you will find a variety of information on the book itself, including the word count.  Handy, isn’t it?  They don’t have every title, but if they do have several in your target market, it can help you find a range for your own work.



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