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January 2, 2014

Kindle, Kobo and My December Reading

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I read ebooks through the Kindle for PC program.  Recently an author emailed me her  novel, assuring me instructions for how to upload it could be found on Amazon.

Maybe they can.  I never found them. But, eventually, I double clicked on the attachment and it opened in the program.  Hurray!

Then a publisher asked me to join NetGalley.  More and more publishers use this service to distribute ebooks to reviewers; I review on my other blog, Bookshelf. On Christmas Eve I downloaded by first NetGalley book for the Kindle.  There’s the file on my computer, complete with a cute little Kindle icon.  Doubleclick on it and you get the whirling “hang on, I’m working” symbol followed by . . . nothing.  I followed instructions on Amazon.  The book failed to appear in my Amazon content or my email.

I resorted to Google.  An article alerted me to the fact that many ebooks are in ePub format while Kindle requires Mobi.  You have to use a Kobo app to convert it.  I downloaded and installed Kobo.  30 minutes later, I still hadn’t figure out how to convert the file.  The same article also discussed a program called Calibre.  I downloaded that and in less than 5 minutes had the book open.

I would definitely recommend Calibre.  Its quick.  Its easy.  And its free.

Here are the eb00ks, print books and audiobooks that I “read” in December.

  1. Berger, Samantha.  Crankenstein (Little Brown and Company)
  2. Blagden, Scott.  Dear Life, You Suck: A Novel (Harcourt)
  3. Chin, Jason. Island: A Story of the Galapagos (A Neal Porter Book)
  4. Diesen, Deborah.  Picture Day Perfection (Abrams Books for Young Readers)
  5. Durand, Hallie.  Mitchell Goes Bowling (Candlewick)
  6. Durand, Hallie.  Mitchell’s License (Candlewick)
  7. Gleason, Colleen. The Clockwork Scarab (Chronicle Books)
  8. Hillerman, Anne.  Spider Woman’s Daughter (Harper)
  9. McNeal, Tom.  Far Far Away (Random House)
  10. Mortensen, Lori.  Come See the Earth Turn (Tricycle Press)
  11. Spencer-Fleming, Julia.  Through the Evil Days.
  12. Stewart, Melissa and Allen Young.  No Monkeys, No Chocolate (Charlesbridge)
  13. Stockdale, Susan.  Stripes of All Kinds (Peachtree)
  14. West, Priscilla.  Wrecked (An Arrowhart College Novel) (Blackbird Publishing)
  15. Willems, Mo.  A Big Guy Took My Ball (Hyperion Books for Children)

Hope you read some amazing books last year!



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  1. I enjoy using the Calibre program. You can even convert pdf files to mobi and other formats. I like it because I can also keep track of all the books I have (print, audio and eBooks). While I can’t read the print books through it, of course, it reminds me I already have the book so I don’t repurchase it. You read some intriguing books in December.

    Comment by Mason Canyon — January 2, 2014 @ 1:29 am | Reply

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