One Writer’s Journey

January 1, 2014

Read to Write

If you are a writer, you should also be a reader.  Advice on what you should read varies from person to person.

Some people I know read only what they write.  Young adult novels, but also more specifically contemporary young adult novels.  Other people read only award winning books and/or best sellers.

Maybe its because I write many different things, but if you look at my posts on my reading you’ll see that I read widely.  I read picture books through new adult novels.  I read adult novels.  I read print books and e-books and online content.  I also read historic books, as in things that came out 100 years ago and are long out of print.

I read this widely because I never know what will capture my imagination.   Tony Hillerman charmed me with his love of his desert setting and the way he wove it into his story to the point that it unobtrusively became a character.  Sharon Shinn’s characters pull me in and draw me through her stories.  I love the grit and reality of A.M Kings stories.
I also read this widely because my reading also sparks ideas for my writing.  Not surprisingly I have stacks of books and magazines on my bedside table and a bag full of books from the library.  Fortunately, Christmas brought me three new books (see the covers) and two gift cards.

What books did Santa bring you?





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