WIP: Choosing a New WIP

edff0-take4I’d love to say that these last two weeks have been marvelously productive, and, I guess, in a sense they have.  I’ve gotten a lot of Christmas shopping done, decorated, worked on cards and cleaned at my father’s.  I’ve written blog posts and read up on a variety of topics.  While I’ve been doing this, I’ve also been noodling over my next BIG PROJECT.

The conclusion that I’ve come to is this — I’m not going to have a new BIG PROJECT for a while.  Instead, I’m going to work on a series of smaller projects.  Here are the reasons why:

Recently, I did something of an inventory on one file drawer.  I looked at what I had sold all rights for (one piece), what I had sold one time rights for and could sell again after a year, and what had never sold.  I have a lot of work sitting here not doing much.  I want to get some of that back out there.  This fits in very well with . . .

In January, I’m taking part in ReviMo2014.  This is a one week long endeavor to rewrite picture book manuscripts.  In light of this, I’ve been noodling over some projects and thinking about how I can improve them which leads me to . . .

I’ve been circulating a nonfiction picture book about animal coloration.  I wrote this for a particular editor who ended up passing on the project.  There are two spreads that I’ve never loved as much as the rest of the book.  She wanted them, so I added them, but I’ve never adored them.  I’m going to pull them and add two new spreads.  The new spreads will expand on information already in the book and add depth to the story.

No, I can’t count that last one as part of ReviMo if I do it before then, but I have plenty of other manuscripts in need of improvement if only I would take the time to do it.  This means that my next several WIP aren’t new projects so much as older pieces that need a new gloss before being sent out.

What you working on as the year draws to a close?



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