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December 13, 2013

Choosing Fonts

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Font ChoiceA friend of mine is looking into self-publishing his novel so I’ve been thinking a lot about book design and font.  How do you choose the right font for your cover?

Sometimes the choice is obvious.  One glance at Charlemagne STD and I can picture it carved into the marble of a roman monument.  If I had set a story in Ancient, or even historic Egypt, I would use Papyrus.  And Blackadder ITC?  A pirate story.  What else?

At other times, no single choice sticks out as obvious.  If I was designing the cover for a romance novel, my first thought would probably be script.  That general notion is find, but which script would you choose?  Freestyle Script would clearly only work with a contemporary story.  If I set a story in the court of Napolean, would I have to use French Script MS or would Edwardian Script ITC, which I find more attractive be acceptable?

For a horror story, I would consider Chiller, but by choices for a science fiction manuscript are less clear.  Would Agency FB or Century Gothic work?

There is so much to consider when choosing a font.  Some are simply to clever to be easily readable.  Others are readable but just not right for a particular topic.

Right now, I’m writing a contemporary fantasy.  Bradley Hand ITC might work because his mother’s journals play a big part in resolving the story problem.  But my main character is a boy and the book has strong boy appeal.  A light script?  I don’t think that would be right.  But what would I chose?  I’m much better at knowing what doesn’t work than what would.

What font would you pick out for the cover on your current WIP?


Edwardian Script ITC

sf fonts


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