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November 25, 2013


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MarketableI like to think that I’m a fairly productive writer.  I work five days a week and send things to various editors on a regular basis.  But recently I realized that I could easily be more productive.

I’m one of those writers who likes to brainstorm because I’m good at it.  Really good at it.  This means that I am always jotting down ideas and drafting manuscripts.  Any why not?  I submit work every month.

Not long ago, I was looking for a specific manuscript.  I couldn’t find it in the pile of things waiting to be filed, so I looked through my hard copy files.  This is what I found in one drawer:

  • 1 piece was an all-rights sale (it should be filed downstairs so that I still have it but it’s out of the prime real estate)
  • 7 pieces were published over 10 years ago and could be updated and sent back out (these were for an evergreen but not a high paying market)
  • 35 pieces were published and couldn’t be resubmitted for 1 year after initial publication
  • 25 pieces are just hanging around: some need to be finished, some just need a target market

Total:  48 manuscripts

That is 48 manuscripts, 47 of which I might be able to use in some way.  Certainly some of the 25 hangers-on will never pan out, but that still leaves a decent field of sell-able work.

And that’s only in drawer #1.  I have three more full drawers.  Yep.  Three more.

I’m not saying that I should quit brainstorming and writing new manuscripts, but certainly I should rework and/or update some of these and get them out there.  Perhaps some of them could be combined into a longer work.  Maybe I could publish some of those that have already sold once as e-books.  Exactly what I’m going to do with be decided on a folder by folder basis, but I am going to do something.  I’ve already reworked one picture book and submitted it to an agent.

One thing that can help you be more productive is accountability.  To read about various writing groups that give you both external deadlines and accountability, check out my post yesterday at the Muffin.



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