Regnery Publishing Expands Children’s Offerings

Regnery Publishing has added  Regnery Adventure to its children’s list.  To launch the imprint, the company signed a middle-grade fiction series, The Kerman Derman Chronicles, by author and broadcast journalist Raymond Arroyo.

The first title in the series, Kerman Derman and the Relic of Perilous Falls, will be released in June 2014. A spokesperson said the company is in discussions for other series but in 2014 will focus on Kerman Derman. 

In June 2012, Regnery entered the children’s market with Little Patriot Press.  This imprint currently has 14 picture book titles aimed at children ages 5-8. Diane Reeves is the editorial director for both the children’s and middle grade books.

Since Regnery emphasizes that they publish great conservative books by great conservative authors, I know I wouldn’t be a good match for this particular publisher although one of you might have something suitable for one of their imprints.


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