New Market: Ripple Grove Press wants Picture Books and only Picture Books

An update on what Red Squirrel wants as well as Amazon Children's Publishing.
An update on what Red Squirrel wants as well as Amazon Children’s Publishing.

Everyone and their mother has advice to give writers about the picture book market.  Some of the beauties I’ve recently heard include:

  • Picture books are a hard sell.
  • They cost so much to produce that many publishers are cutting back.
  • Don’t even try to break into the market unless you illustrate as well as write.
The next time someone says something like this to you just smile and say three little words.  “Ripple Grove Press.”
Ripple Grove Press is a small family owned publisher that publishes picture books and nothing but picture books.  No chapter books.  No middle grade.  Not even the ever lucrative young adult.  Picture books.
This publisher is looking for both authors and illustrators, accepts unsolicited material delivered by both snail mail and e-mail.
They welcome potential readers to their site with the following words:
“Ripple Grove is a place not too far from here, where imagination and wondrous stories begin. Let’s take a step off the path and see what we can find.”
This is definitely someone that I’m going to keep my eyes on as possible publisher for some of my work.

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