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November 8, 2013

Rejection Letters: Sometimes You Have to Laugh

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RejectionRecently, I got a rejection letter from an agent.  No big surprise there.  If you are submitting, you are almost certainly being rejected.  No one is going to want everything you write.  But its hard to remind ourselves of that because it feels so darn personal.  And then you hit that line that cracks you up because you know you have just received an oh-so impersonal form letter.  Yeah, it has your name but . . .

In this case, the agent wished me luck on my quest to become a published author.  Hmm.  Yes, I sent her a book manuscript, but I also pointed out that I have 425+ sales.  This particular manuscript may be unpublished, but I am a published author.  (Insert eye-roll here)

Then there was the rejection letter I received for a chapter book.  She didn’t want it because it was simply too long and the characters were too old to be in a picture book.  Okie-dokie.  That would explain why I put them in a chapter book.  And told you it was a chapter book.  And sent you three chapters of the . . . what?  . . . chapter book.

Wait — they get better.  I once received a rejection letter that included the name of the manuscript, but they got it wrong.  Still, the title they used looked really familiar.  I paged through my submission and realized why.  They had rejected one of my sources.  Good thing they didn’t want that book since someone else had already published it.

And then there is my absolute favorite.  When one publisher rejected an early reader, they returned pages 2-4.  Later, I got another rejection letter with page 1.  Later still, I got back page 5 (how did they know where to send it without the first page with my address?).  I’m still hoping that they will want page 6.

Having your work rejected isn’t funny although sometimes the letters you receive are.  Why not submit something today?  You might make a sale or you might  end up with a funny story to tell.



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