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November 1, 2013

Brainstorming to Generate Ideas

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BrainWhether it is ideas for my blog posts or picture book plots for Picture Book Idea Month, brainstorming is something I enjoy probably because I’m good at it.  When you think the way that I do, ideas are everywhere.  Here are 5 places that I get ideas.

  1. Theme Lists.  Magazine theme lists are always a good jumping off point but I always try to come up with about 10 ideas for the theme.  I assume that my first several will duplicate ideas that other people had.   My last few may be desperate attempts on my own part to come up with a total of ten.  The gold most often lies in the middle.
  2. Reading Blogs.  When I read other people’s blogs, I often get ideas for my own. Sometimes it is because I read the title of their post and assume it is going to be about X. When I read it, I am disappointed to discover it is actually about Y.  I’m disappointed but I now have the opportunity to write the post I thought I was going to read.  Other times, their post simply sparks an idea about something to do with a similar topic such as plot, character or submitting your work.
  3. Pinterest.  I am a very visual person so looking through Pinterest is a great source of ideas for me.  I can see that people are doing recycling projects, owls, Greek culture and work up an idea of my own.  Sometimes I click to see what is popular in Crafts or Decorating.  Other times I enter the themes from magazines as my search terms.
  4. Reading.  Both the fiction and the nonfiction that I am reading is another gold mine of ideas.  A passing comment or a minute detail can send my imagination off in a direction that is far removed from the original work.
  5. People.  Often the people around me will spark an idea for a character or an article.  This happens a lot when I am driving car loads of teenagers from point A to point B.  They generally continue conversations that they started when they were still in the locker room.  Common topics lately include team mates who don’t take their sport seriously, dealing with unreasonably picky teachers, and how to get the smell of chlorine out of your hair (these kids are all swimmers).

Where do you get your ideas?



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