Rejecting My Own Work

IRejection would love to say that I write 5 blog posts a week.  No false starts.  No deleted drafts.  I would love to say it but it wouldn’t be true because often I attempt at least 7 posts.

Sometimes this happens because a piece just never gels.  It seemed like a good idea.  It sounded like a good idea, but it just never came together.  If I rewrite something two or three times and it still isn’t cohesive . . . I hit “move to trash.”

Often my posts are inspired by a question someone asks me and I realize that this is something that would benefit a lot of people.  Then I’ll write a post on manuscript formatting, on research or on researching a publisher.  All of these topics and more have been inspired by someone’s question.

But sometimes I write a post and it just comes across as one great big rant.  Someone has said, or done, something that just sets me free.  They, and so many other people, need to be straightened out and I am just the woman to do it!  I type away, write two drafts and realize that, in the end, I sound like I’m pitching a fit.  If I can’t put a positive spin on it and somehow help my readers use the information to improve their writing, into the trash it goes.  This is, after all, my professional space.

If you maintain a blog, you don’t have to publish every attempted post.  If you aren’t sure about something you’ve written, set it aside.  If you still aren’t sure in a few days, don’t post it.  Don’t send it to an editor.  Let it continue to sit.

Not so much on this blog but on PrayPower4Today, I’ve written posts on a variety of tough topics.  They can be hard to get right.  And they can be very easy to get wrong.  Don’t be afraid to reject your first several attempts until you have something that strikes just the right note.