Twitter Feeds Provide Timely Topics

Interested in writing for a particular magazine?  If so, one way to come up with possible ideas is to check their Twitter feed so that you can see what their readers and their editors have recently commented on.

Sometimes you can find the Twitter feed on their web site.  Other times, you can find a link to connect with them on Twitter.  Click that and you will go directly to their Twitter feed and recent Tweets.  Here is some of what I found.

American Cheerleader recently tweeted about new sideline stunts, training and pulling together your look.

At American Girl look for tweets on bullying month, books and crafts.

Seventeen Magazine  Not surprisingly, this one included tweets about Miley Cyrus and various male celebrities but there was also something about combating homesickness, trendy hats, and streamlining your morning routine.

As long as you are checking Twitter feeds, don’t forget to check Facebook walls and blogs.  When you do, be sure that was you are finding is current.  I was surprised how many links I followed that led me to dormant pages with nothing since March or earlier.

That said, for those magazines that keep these means of communication updated, you will find a continual stream of ideas.