Market Corrections

An update on what Red Squirrel wants as well as Amazon Children's Publishing.
An update on what Red Squirrel wants as well as Amazon Children’s Publishing.

No matter how up you are on the markets for your writing, there are always some surprises when you submit your work or send a question to an editor.  In an attempt to save some of you the fun that I’ve had this past week, here are some updates to recent calls for manuscripts.

Amazon Children’s Publishing is no longer taking submissions.  Too bad for them because my manuscript is perfect for them.  But the good news is that they now have a web site up and it includes, along with a list of their books, submissions information.

As all of you know, when you are getting ready to submit your work to a magazine, it is best to study not only the guidelines but also the magazine.  That works best, at least for me, when I speak the language in which the magazine is printed.  That is my excuse for not reading 6 or more back issues of Red Squirrel.  I don’t read Chinese.  

Fortunately, their call for submissions does include an editor’s e-mail for questions.  information.  The bad news for me is that they have very little interest in history at the moment.  What they really want is realistic fiction and fantasy.  

While I don’t have anything that would fit that need, maybe one of you could benefit from this small bit of knowledge.  

Back to the drawing board for me!