Kelly’s Curiosities . . . the joys of video

PictureMy friend Kelly Milner Halls has a her own video series.  Check out the very first video in the Kelly’s Curiosities series.

Bing in all of its wisdom, won’t let me show you the video, but you can click here to take a quick video viewing trip.

Things you need to know:

Kelly didn’t do this all on her own.  There were people — camera people, lighting people, people people.  They shot hours and hours of video to make a series of these shorter pieces.

If you are going to do video to promote yourself and your work, this is your competition.  You don’t want to be as good as something that looks like I did it.  Because, seriously, that wouldn’t take much at all — hold the camera still and make sure all of the sound is clear.

Your video, like your book manuscript, needs to stand proud beside the best.  You want people to look at Kelly’s video and your video and not in approval.  Do a sloppy job and they’ll cringe and move on.

Not that I’m contemplating video.  Me?  I just want Kelly to tell me the next one is up.