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September 27, 2013

Why You Should Study Your Markets

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WordsongLast week, I had two very different picture books in my stack of library books — David Harrison’s Pirates and Jane Yolen’s Come to the Fairies Ball.  

Harrison’s book is a gritty nonfiction on the hard scrabble life of the pirate.  These aren’t fairy tale pirates.  These are the men and women who disciplined each other with beatings and stole anything and everything that might make a quick buck.

Yolen’s piece is a lyrical book long poem about a fancy dress ball thrown by the fairies, come one, come all.  Even the illustrations are light and fanciful compared to the starkly lit realistic paintings that add to Harrison’s book.

The surprising thing about these two books?  They were both published by Wordsong.  Read just Harrison’s book and you might think your piece on elfin magic isn’t a good Wordsong match.  Pour over Yolen’s book and you wouldn’t bother putting your wagon train manuscript in the mail.

Read multiple books (as in a dozen or more) by your target publisher before you make up your mind.  If you are interested in submitting to magazines, read issues covering about six months.  That way you’ll really know rather your manuscript is a good fit or not.  Before you read that much, it is just guess work.




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