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September 19, 2013

Response Times: Waiting for the Yea or Nay

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response timesWhat do you do while you are waiting to hear about a submission?  Are you one of those writers who knows to the day when the three months is up?  Here are three reasons that I hope the answer is no.

Most successful writers have multiple projects in the works.  They have several things under submission and something else on their desk.  To achieve this, you have to send something out and get to work on the next item in your queue.

You will handle the rejections and bumps better.  If you have several things under submission and something else that you are writing when you here back, you are less likely to fall to pieces if the answer is no.  Focusing on only one submission is like putting all of your hopes and dreams in one basket.  Instead, give yourself multiple opportunities to succeed.

You are less likely to become desperate.  Watch the writers you know who have everything staked on one particular manuscript.  If that manuscript is rejected, they become desperate.  They have to get this piece out there whatever the cost.  There’s no telling what contract you’ll sign when that’s how you’re reasoning.

Instead, get your manuscript ready to go.  Write the “send to next publisher” date on your calendar.  Then turn your focus to something else.  Let this project absorb the energy you would otherwise put into obsessing about the first submission.  Before you know it, you’ll have a yea or a nay and another manuscript to submit besides.



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