Activity Writing

Activity WritingNormally when I write an activity for, I come up with an idea, pitch the activity and then complete, photograph and write up the approved activity.  This time around, I had a slightly different experience.  The publisher already had the photographs and needed someone to create the activities.   Imagine getting a photo of an art project and being told, “Tell me how to weave this bookmark.”

I was lucky because there were several activities in my favorite areas.  I love to do craft activities and got to write up Make Corn Syrup Art and Make an Easy Tubescope.  I also like to do food activities and had one of those in Fabulous Fortunate Cookie Cupcakes.  Games are always fun and I got to write up Water Ring Toss and do several science activities as well, such as Light and Mirrors.

Doing what I like and do well is always a good time, but perhaps the best part for me as I writer was that my editor shifted me outside of my comfort zone.  While I do tons of cooking and arts and crafts activities and will also tackle sewing, science and games as well as reading and writing activities, I’ve never done anything related to math and numbers.  Until now, that is.  There were at least 6 activities on my list, including Hidden Numbers and Number Snacks, that had to do with developing math skills.

As much as I love the creativity of getting to brainstorm and hone my own ideas, not to mention getting to make everything and take the photos, I can’t discount the value of learning to write something new-to-me.  It was especially fun to break new ground and know that I was introducing young readers to a new skill, numbers and math.  It makes me wonder what I will learn to write next.  

What have you recently written that was new-to-you?