Writing Goals

My dry erase to-do list from heck.
My dry erase to-do list from heck.

Normally, we writers talk about goals in January.  “What goals are you setting for the year?”  But with my son back in school I’ve been looking at my own writing goals and heaving a sigh.  I’m more than a bit behind.

I used to have a word count goal, but I quit doing that.  Word count goals I can meet and still not get things sent out.  That’s just me.

Right now my main writing goal is dollars submitted per month.  It is much less noble sounding but for anyone who makes her living at writing it is essential.  I’m keeping track of what I send out in terms of how much I will earn if its accepted.  I know, I know. It sounds mercenary but the reality is that there are bill to pay.

Normally, I’m pretty good with this particular goal but I’m behind.  Fortunately, I’ve already met my dollars-sent-out goal for this month so anything else I accomplish will help me catch back up.

Fortunately, I think I know why I’m behind.  I’ve been focusing too much on this dollar goal and not doing enough “for me/fun” writing.  So I’m adding onto my goals.  First each and every writing day I am going to work on my “for me” project.  Right now, that’s a book on prayer.  I have several other for-me-fun projects but I’ve also got to keep writing for money.

Right now that is my goal.  To work out a writing routine that feeds my writing soul and also pays the pills.

What do your goals look like?