Online Presence

web presenceMore and more writers are creating an online presence.  Some of them have websites.  Others blog.  And still others are on Facebook.  No matter what form your participation takes, you need to make sure that people can reach you.

Many of my articles are written based on interviews.  Editors are fairly easy to find.  I can contact them through the publisher.  But writers?  I need to be able to contact you via your web presence.

I prefer to contact people via e-mail.  The problem is that not everyone has an e-mail address on their web site or blog.

On your web site, make your e-mail easy to find.  The most common location is on a page titled “Contact” or “About Me.”  Some authors bury their e-mail addy in their bio.  If that’s the case, I generally manage to find it, but I don’t really want to look that hard.  I’ll move on to the next person on my list if you make it too difficult.

If you have a blog, I will look for your e-mail address on an “about” or “profile” page.  Sometimes the profile will contain a link to a web site that I didn’t locate via Google, but this means that I now have to locate your contact info on the site.  Again, its tempting to start the search over with another writer.

Recently, I’ve come across a lot of authors who don’t want to make their email addresses public so they use a comment or contact form on their site.  That’s okay as long as the form loads. Obviously, I’m saying this because sometimes there is a glitch and the silly thing won’t load.

My last resort is to look on Facebook.  I say last resort because I don’t want to leave a public comment to contact someone and I’ve had a very low success rate when I message people.

Your web presence will be much more effective if people can actually contact you.  I’m just saying.