Market Research

EdelweissOne of the best ways to research possible markets for your book manuscript is to check out the publisher’s offerings.  I don’t know about your but browsing publisher’s web sites makes me long for the good old days and catalogs.  Catalogs are just easier to navigate.
The good news is that publisher’s still produce catalogs.  The bad news?  They don’t print as many and they don’t send them out as freely as before.
Fortunately, you can find the actual catalogs online at sites like Edelweiss.  Think of Edelweiss as an online library of publisher’s catalogs.
The Edelweiss home page has a list of recently added catalogs.  Check out the left hand ribbon and you’ll see a list of publishers.  Click on Capstone Young Readers and you’ll find two 2013 catalogs.  Lonely Planet offers both destinations catalogs and both front and back list catalogs.  This is definitely going to become one of my go-to resources when researching a new market.
Special thanks for Jan Fields of RX for Writers who brought this resource to my attention.