How to Start Writing Each Day, Part 2

Transiition 2Yesterday, in response to Garcinia question, I wrote about transitioning into writing when the problem is getting words to flow.  Today, I am writing about how to transition into writing when the problem is  needing to transition your mind from the busyness of life to the stillness of writing.  

  1. Walk It Off.  When my mind is especially busy or I am feeling, as my grandmother put it, antsy, I need to get out and move before I can sit down to write.  The solution?  A brisk walk.  Whether you need to walk a few blocks or a mile, do it and you will feel better and improve your focus.
  2. Stretch It Out.  Depending on where you live and what time of day you write, walking may not always be an option.  Take the time to do some stretches or run through some yoga poses.  Sitting at a desk for two long stiffens you up and you don’t want to go from your desk job to your writing desk without some movement.
  3. Make a Date.  For some people, routine is all important.  Write at the same time and/or in the same place every day and your body will get the point.  “Time to write!”  It may be a struggle at first, but eventually the writing will come easier when you keep this appointment.
  4. This Is It.  When I sit down at my desk with a cup of coffee, it signals that this is time to write.  Whether it is first thing in the morning or following lunch, that coffee cup and my butt in this chair signals that it is time for business.

How do you let yourself know that it is time to get to work?


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