Free courses

Perhaps you are writing a book about genetics and there are a few key points that you are having problems wrapping your brain around.  Or you might be writing an article about the science of food.  These topics and many more can be tricky for writers who first have to understand the basics before explaining them to our readers.
Fortunately, Coursera makes over 300 courses available online.  The institutions offering these classes range from the American Museum of Natural History to The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.  The courses are free, although some do have a “for credit” option that, not surprisingly, comes with a bill.
I did a quick search on some of my own interests and found the following classes:
  • Soul Beliefs: Causes and Consequences (Rutgers)
  • Human Evolution: Past and Future (University of Wisconsin – Madison)
  • Latin American Culture (Technologico de Monterrey)
  • Maps and the Geospatial Revolution (Penn State)
  • The Ancient Greeks (Wesleyan University)
Special thanks to writing pal Chris Eboch who brought Coursera and their writing courses to my attention.  I’ve already enrolled in a course on Evolution through the American Museum of Natural History.  It isn’t really like I needed something to do but I am looking forward to taking a variety of courses.