Platform: Making Sure Potential Readers Can Find You

The listing on a Google search for my name is my site.
The fist item that  comes up with you  Google  my name is my site.

How easy is it for potential readers to find you?

Don’t assume.  Go Google your name.  You may be surprised at what you find.  Or what you don’t.

My bread-and-butter consists of writing how-tos and market articles for other writers.  Much of what I write is based on interviews with writers, editors and various other publishing professionals.

Early in the process for each article, I make a list of people I want to interview.  I go down the list and Google name after name.  Although I only need about 6 interviews per article, I generally have to Google two dozen names.  Part of this is because a number of people won’t respond when I try to contact them.  But there are also a frightening number of authors who have no web presence.  None.

Sometimes a GoodReads listing on one of their books comes up but that will be it.  Or I find their listing on their publisher’s site.  But that’s it.  No website.  No blog.  Nothing.

If I can’t find you, neither can your readers.  Isn’t that a problem you should address?