Call for Submissions

Call for SubmissionsThis is actually an agent’s wish list but what better reason to take a good hard look at the manuscripts you have available.  Molly Ker Hawn, of the Bent Agency, recently put out her updated Wish List.  Among other things she is looking for the following:

In Middle Grade Fiction:

  • Contemporary humor
  • Stories that highlight the sibling relationship
  • Adventure
  • Voice

Young Adult Fiction: 

  • Romance
  • Contemporary humor
  • Historic fiction backed by plenty of research
  • Both thrillers and gothic stories
  • Stories with war time settings
  • Stories that involve cults and various religious sects

Nonfiction — both middle grade and young adult

New Adult Fiction:

  • Romance
  • Thriller

Be sure to check out Molly’s blog posting because she gives a lot more details and she also has a solid list of things that she never, every wants to see.  Never.  Don’t send ’em.  But do check your files for things on her dream list because she is definitely on my dream agent list.