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Last week, I was invited by my friend, Cynthia Reeg, to participate in this “blog hop interview.” The idea is this: She sent me some interview questions, which I answer, and at the end I tag 3 other writers who will in turn answer the same questions on their blogs next week. Please check out Cynthia’s answers to the questions at her blog, What’s New With Cynthia Reeg. Feel free to leave a comment and tell her it’s from me.

1. What are you working on right now?
I’ve been collecting interviews for another pair of how-tos.  One of these is about interviewing expert sources to use as primary sources and the other is on what you need to learn from teen blockbuster novels.  I’ve also been creating some new writing exercises to help build better characters.  That’s been a lot of fun because they aren’t all directly about the character.  Some involve her environment.  Here and there I’ve been messing around with a preschool picture book manuscript that started life as an early reader.  I’m really enjoying this new version, playing with refrains and developing the characters and the story line.  As soon as I get some of this done, it will be back to a nonfiction picture book and a middle grade novel.  I never work on one thing at a time.
3. What experiences have influenced you?
 I was a kid who always wanted to know WHY.  My father, a teacher, encouraged this so writing nonfiction was a natural fit for me.  I want to encourage young readers to ask why and expect an answer.  Why do we do this?  Why do they do something similar/different?  Who first came up with this idea?  My nonfiction and fiction both are influenced by my academic background.  I have degrees in anthropology and history.  My fiction explores how we interact with our environment and with the other people we encounter.
4. Why do you write what you do?
I want to encourage kids to:
  • explore the world around them.
  • be themselves.
  • laugh (even if no one else gets the joke)
5. How does your writing process work?
I sit.  I write.  I rewrite.  I am a firm believer in absolutely frightening first drafts and have no qualms about sharing these dreadful drafts with my poor critique buddies.  Writing involves a lot of rewriting but I love seeing a project change and grow.  But as much as I love to write, I believe in getting away from my work periodically.  When I’m not working, I try not to even turn on my computer.  This means that if you e-mail my on Saturday, you might not hear from me until Monday.  When you work from home, it is hard to say that you are “off work” and make it stick but I think it is vital if you are going to recharge.
8. Who are the authors you most admire?
Rae Carson is an amazing writer.  She has a way of pulling you in and forcing you to keep reading even when you have other things that need to be accomplished.
Kelly Milner Halls does such a wide variety of nonfiction work.  I love the even handed approach that she brings to even an offbeat topic.

Please check out Cindy’s answers to the questions at her blog, What’s New with Cynthia Reeg.  Feel free to leave a comment and tell her it’s from me.
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