Call for Submissions

Call for SubmissionsHave you ever written about why you write poetry?

If you have, the new journal TAB: The Journal of Poetry and Poetics wants your work.  TAB is an international journal not only of contemporary poetry but also about contemporary poetry.  While this isn’t a journal specifically about children’s poetry, it is a possible market for children’s poets who write about their craft.  I haven’t studied the journal itself but there might be a place for sophisticated children’s poetry as well.

The call is for 300 – 1200 word essays on “Why I Write Poetry.”  The deadline is July 15, so don’t dawdle.  Go through your files and get those essays submitted.  All submissions should be made through their online submission form.  

You can find out more at the TAB web page.

Special thanks to Sally Clark of the Christian Writers blog who brought this market to my attention.