How to Make More Money: Reslant Your Work

One of the best ways to make more money with your writing is to reslant a piece for multiple sales.  There are three ways to do this.

1.  Change the focus

One of the best ways to get multiple sales is to change the focus on your work.  You can do this especially well if you research a broad topic and then write narrowly focused pieces for various magazine, newsletter and web markets.  Let’s say your topic is bald eagles.  Ranger Rick might like a piece on eagle nests.  Highlights loves first hand accounts so if you’ve got an up close and personal interview or a scientist who studies eagles you could go to them.  An ecology site might go for a piece on the return of an endangered species and what that means for other endangered animals.  Go through a market listing with your topic in mind and see if you can come up with a dozen possibilities.

2.  Change the format

Another way to reslant a piece is to change the format.  One market might be interested in Top Ten Article (places to see bald eagles).  Another wants essays (what I learned about myself while pursuing our national bird).  Other possibilities would include profiles (individual scientists), picture books (hatching to flight), a how-to (eagle watching kit or an eagle based craft), or a humorous piece (how not to freeze your tail feathers off while on a winter eagle watch).

3.  Change the audience

One final way to reslant is to change the audience for your work.  A preschooler will have a different interest than will a middle schooler or an adult.  But don’t stop there.  What would an audience of teachers want to know about eagles?  Or an audience of bird watchers, historians, or ecologists.

Do you see how looking at each of these things can reslant your work?  The next time you think of an article or book idea, sit down and start brain storming.  Research as broad a field around your topic as you can.  Then see how many pieces you can write that are truly unique and amazing.  You may surprise yourself with the possibilities.

Want to come up with an entirely new fiction story?  Change the POV character.  Read about that on my post tomorrow on the Muffin.


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