Kenn Nesbitt

The Poetry Foundation recently named poet Kenn Nesbitt as the next Children’s Poet Laureate: Consultant in Children’s Poetry to the Poetry Foundation. This is a two year position.  The goal of this position is to encourage children’s exposure to poetry as they are naturally receptive and an appreciative audience of poetry, especially children’s poetry written with them in mind.Nesbitt’s poetry books for children include:

  • Revenge of the Lunch Ladies
  • The Aliens Have Landed at our School
  • I’m Growing a Truck in the Garden
  • Santa Got Stuck in the Chimney
  • When the Teacher Isn’t Looking
  • More Bears
  • The Armpit of Doom 
  • The Tighty-Whitey Spider
  • My Hippo Has the Hiccups

Not bad for someone who published his first poetry book,  My Foot Fell Asleep, in 1998.  Guess the rest of us had better get to work!