Butt in Chair . . . Good Advice or Disaster

I have to admit.  I waffle where “butt in chair” is concerned.

If you’ve never heard this phrase before, it is short for “put your butt in the chair and write.”   Basically, it means sit down and write.  And it makes sense if you haven’t yet The Muffindeveloped a writing habit although you may need to tell yourself this even after you’ve developed a writing habit.

For me, I need a Butt In Chair reminder any time I submit a partial of an unfinished manuscript.  Once those sample chapters head through the ether, my focus simply dissolves.  Work on the manuscript?  Why?  What if the editor wants me to change something?  No, no.  Better to wait.

Now, most of us know that “better to wait” is pretty much nonsense unless you know that the editor doesn’t want a finished manuscript.  Some editors like to comment on outlines or synopsis first.

MOST editors want to know that you have a finished manuscript ready to go.  Did you catch those key phrases? Finished manuscript.  Ready to go.  They don’t want to ask for the manuscript only to have you say “I’ll have to finish writing it.”

Put your butt in your chair and write.

Can’t motivate your self to do it?  Check out my post at the Muffin for some suggestions to get the words flowing.


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