Have You Replaced Your Google Reader?

As a result of a comment on last Monday’s blog post, I have abandoned Google Reader and made the switch to Feedly.

If you know me well, you probably already know that I generally only make technical changes kicking and screaming.  Technical, incidentally, involves things with buttons that use electricity.  Thus, my coat is not technical but my computer, my microwave and my phone are.

Anyway, I’ve made the jump to Feedly and thought I’d let all of you know how its going.

The first day, I was disappointed simply because the feed was really slow.  Really.  When the amount of time you watch the little swirly “I’m loading” icon equals the amount of time you spend reading, that’s slow.

But it makes sense.  Feedly probably didn’t plan on getting 500,000 Google Reader users in two days.  The fact that it was simply SLOW is somewhat amazing.

I’m still learning to navigate in Feedly.  It isn’t remotely difficult and I’m successfully reading everything that I want to read.  It only took me a day to figure out where the “number of new posts” was listed.  What I’m still figuring out are all the nifty little features like how to scroll back up to the top of a post or how to e-mail a post to myself or someone else.  Still haven’t figured that one out but I’ve also noticed that Feedly’s features are changing daily, judging by the appearance and migration of various buttons and icons in my feed.

Moving a blog feed from one folder to another is so easy that I’ve been doing housekeeping that I ignored with Google Reader.  Yep.  Housekeeping.  Scary, isn’t it?

I would definitely recommend Feedly to anyone looking for a RSS reader.


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