Music to Write By

Special thanks to writing friend Al White for alerting me to the fact that YouTube has entire Symphonies available.  I love listening to music while I work but I don’t like having to select a new piece on YouTube or listen to a commercial on Pandora or get up and find a disk (yes, we still have cd’s).

Then Al recommended Beethoven’s 7th Symphony which you can find in its entirety on YouTube.

I listened to this and what did I discover in the side bar?  Additional symphonies by Dvorak, Mozart, Vivaldi and Rachmaninoff.   Now I have plenty of music to help me complete a draft of my middle grade novel.  Of course, I’ll still be getting up for coffee.



2 thoughts on “Music to Write By

    1. As much as I like Pandora, the commercials are too distracting when I write. Still, I do listen to them when I’m picking up and filing here in my office or editing photos.

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