Bye-Bye Google Reader

Last Thursday, I got everything set up on my treadmill desk and clicked on Google Reader, ready to settle in for a nice long walk and time to read 190 or so blog posts (no, I don’t read all of them).  Before I could click on any of my categories, I cute little message popped up.  Google wanted to tell me that Reader would no longer be available as of 7/1/2013.

Yes, that gives me some time, but its time I could have spent . . . well, what do you think? . . . writing.

The problem with finding another RSS reader is that many of them use Google Reader.  I’m not sure how this works but without Google Reader, they aren’t going to have access to the information either.  Oh, joy.

I’ve been doing some looking around and reading various recommendations.  Go with another free service, and I might find myself having to replace it when the provider shuts it down.  This is a realistic concern given the fact that the same day that Google made their announcement, another free feed reader, FeedDemon, announced that it too is closing down.

Now is when I have to be honest.  I read on my reader.  I don’t store things or file things or read on multiple devices.  I don’t need numerous feature or bells or spinning lights.  I am also astonishingly frugal so I’ll probably go with something else that is free.  Here are the ones that I am currently considering:

The Old Reader.

Feedly which may be in the lead because it offers a Chrome version.  Since I use that particular browser, this one might be my choice.

Bloglovin has a nice handy “click here you poor Google people” button. Okay, that’s not what they call it but it is certainly what they mean.

Yes, there are scads of other choices but if you give me too many choices, I just freeze up.   So right now, these are the three I’m considering.

If you too use Google Reader, you can find out how to export your data here.

I started using Google Reader some time ago when the service I used shut down.   Hopefully I’ll mange to transfer my information successfully a second time.  Fingers crossed!


2 thoughts on “Bye-Bye Google Reader

  1. I just switched to Feedly. I tried the WordPress reader, but it was terribly hard to organize feeds. Feedly reads like a magazine, and I can group blogs under subject headings. Love it!

    1. Feedly sounds like it might be the best choice for me then. Subject heading or folders trump things like organizing favorite “articles.” And I don’t need to be able to read it from my computer, my tablet and my phone. I’ll have to check this one out this week. Thanks for the tip!

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