When Is It Time to Change How You Set Goals?

dry eraseWe all know that I’m big into setting goals.  That said, every now and again I need to revamp how I do it.

I have been setting goals by tacking lists up on a bulletin board divided into the days of the week.  Maybe it is because the Bulletin board is just behind my right shoulder, but I am finding it increasingly easy to ignore.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been cleaning out in my office which is cutting into my writing time just a bit.  I don’t clean for hours a day.  In fact I don’t generally clean for more than about 15 minutes a day which explains why I’m not done.  But I am making progress.  My end goal is to move a bookcase out and put a chair in its place.  Am I crazy?  Move a bookcase out?  Unfortunately, I use to bookcase as a place to stack stuff that should be filed.  Or recycled.  Or read.

I’ve cleaned off two shelves and have three more to go.  Then I’ll decide which chair gets a new home in here along with a few other things including some art work which I will put above the chair.

Maybe that’s why the whole goal setting thing has come to a head.  When my darling husband heard that I wanted the book case gone, he got all happy.

Him:  You can hang that bulletin board there.

Me:  Seriously?  In my art work spot?  I don’t think so.  Besides I’ve just been ignoring it.

Him:  Then why is it still balanced on top of the printer?

Excellent question!  I decided to try out a new system that is small enough to sit on my desk beside my monitor.  At the moment it is precariously balanced on top of a pile of homemade crayons but here is how it works.

I’m using a picture frame as a dry erase board.  The first column (green) is paying jobs with deadlines.  Yellow is things I’m not being paid for that have deadlines (blogging, volunteer work, submissions for conference critiques, etc.).  Red is slush; things I want to get out for which I don’t have a contract.  This includes contests and various essays, devotionals and book projects.

We’ll see how this works.  And, yes, the bulletin board is temporarily still balanced on the printer while I test this new system out.