How Would You Describe Your Critique Group?

The MuffinWhat is the first thing that you think of when you think of your critique group?  Mine is a jumbled image of laughter, food, fun and story.  They are among my biggest supporters.  They are, quite simply, the best.

They always have my back which means that they not only point out where I need to grow as a writer but they also have no qualms about showing me what I’ve done right.  Nope.  They are not going to let me wallow in self-involved angst, at least not for very long.

When I talk to other writers who insist that their group is the best, I know that they have what I have.  A group that fits perfectly with what they need.

Unfortunately, finding just the right critique group is a lot like trying to find the perfect pair of jeans.  Sometimes there’s an uncomfortable pinch or altogether too much space.  You may think that you know what you want until you get it and realize that, no, that isn’t working either.   Expect that it is going to take several tries to find the right group.

That’s the topic of yesterday’s blog post on the Muffin.  If you don’t have a critique group, check it out for hints on how to find or create a group that will meet your needs as a writer.