Why Your Book Trailer Needs to Fit the Mood of Your Book

Check out this fun trailer for Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made by Stephan Pastis.

I’m still waiting for my copy of the book, but given what I know about it, this trailer suits the book perfectly.  It is funny, it doesn’t take itself very seriously and its just a little off.  All of these things describe what I know about the book as well.

Given that Timmy solves mysteries, Pastis might have been tempted to go for a dark, film noir feel for his trailer.  But everything from the graphics, to the font, to the music is goofy.  This,  of course, is a much better match for a book that combines text and graphics.  You may not have read a single word from the book itself but you have a feel for the character and the tone of the book.

A reader who goes into the book expecting certain things from the trailer will not be disappointed in what they discover within the book itself.

I am currently marketing a nonfiction picture book about animals.  Yes, I have rhyming lines but humorous cartoons wouldn’t fit the more serious tone.  Unfortunately, I have a much better feel for what wouldn’t work than I do for what would.  Maybe that ‘s an okay place to start, but at this point I wouldn’t mind a few solid ideas.

Think about your own manuscript.  What would you need to include in the trailer for the same effect?