What I Learned from Snap Judgement

Maybe you are familiar with Snap Judgement, Story Telling with a Beat, but it was new to me when Jane Yolen posted a link to this video on Facebook.

Wow.  Initially, that’s all I could say.  Wow.

Noah St. John is the performer and his pacing is amazing.

He draws us in and makes us (forces us!) to care.

He makes his personal story appeal to a larger audience.  It doesn’t just matter to him.  It matters to us.  We have to keep listening.

And his misleads us in the most amazing way.  You think you know where he’s going and then — snap — he jerks you in another direction.

Yes, this is a video.  It is a story as spoken word.  There is a musical accompaniment which we, as writers, normally don’t have for our work.  But don’t just shrug it off.  This is story telling.  What can you take away from this to use in your own work?

Watch and learn, people.  Watch and learn.


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