My Top Ten Posts of 2012

When you write as much as I do, its always interesting to delve into the statistics.  Which posts were the most popular?  Some weren’t very surprising but others were.

False Apology Poems.  This was by far my most popular post.  I’m not a poet but I’ve written some activities on poetry for  I think this one got so many hits because it really is a very interesting form — a poem that initially looks like an apology but really isn’t in the least bit sincere.

Why You Need to Revise Your Work.  No surprise here.  Revision is essential even when it baffles us.  We know we need to do it, we very often know why, but we struggle with how.

Character and Plot Worksheets.  This is another area that writers put a lot of effort into and we like tools that help us along.

Olympics Opening Ceremony Celebrates Children’s Literature.  Literary types the world over were as happy as I was to see books and book characters featured in the Opening Ceremonies which is probably why this post received so many hits.

ALA Awards Announced.  This one is kind of a no brainer.  Awards matter and we need to know what books won.

Book Spine Poems.  Poetry created from book titles.  Its a little off-beat and fun so I’m glad other people were as interested as I was.

Show Me Reader Award and Mark Twain Award Reading Lists out.  Nominated books are almost as important as the final winners and this is something a lot of people search through Yahoo and Google.

New Treadmill Desk.  Why was this among the most popular?  I’m not sure.  Because I’m odd?  Because everyone is surprised that I am walking AND doing anything else simultaneously?

Reversible Poetry.  Another poetry post and another type of poem that is just a little different.  Most of the poetry projects I get are types of poetry that aren’t terribly common.

What To Do if You Can’t Meet a Deadline.  This is one of those situations that writers dread so I’m not surprised that people wanted to know how to handle it.

I hope that you enjoy taking a look at some of these or revisiting an old favorite!



4 thoughts on “My Top Ten Posts of 2012

  1. Hi Sue:
    Happy New Year! I’ve learned so much from all of your posts! I’m putting several activities together for Hope they like them!

    1. Lisa,
      Good luck! I turned in a batch about two weeks ago and am working up my next list of ideas for my editor. They are one of my regular gigs and I really enjoy working with them.

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