Bullying and Other Trends in Children’s Books

The only graphic novel I've really loved. And, it's nonfiction.
The only graphic novel I’ve really loved. And, it’s nonfiction.

Recently, the editors at Scholastic put together their list of the top 10 trends in children’s books for the upcoming year.  Given the trouble caused by bullying it should come as no huge surprise that books that deal with bullying will have a large share of the market.

Personally, I was also happy to see the continued rise of science fiction.  Not long ago, I did an article on science fiction for young adults.  Or, I should say that I tried to do an article on science fiction book markets.  I finally had to widen the article to include magazines and cross-over markets geared toward college aged adults.  Yes, more and more science fiction was being produced than in the late 90’s but there was room for so much more.  Fortunately, it is coming.  Examples that the editors gave included Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles: Scarlet (February 2013/Feiwel & Friends), Enders, book 2 in the Starters series by Lissa Price (December 2012/Delacorte), and Pulse by Patrick Carman (February 2013/HarperCollins).
Given the popularity of the Hunger Games books, I wasn’t surprised to see tough girls on the list.   Illustrated novels was another “no kidding” entry.  The surprise would be if I could find a series of graphic novels that I loved.  For whatever reason, I am simply not a huge fan.
Take a look at the list and let me know if any of the items surprised you or made you dance with joy.

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