Do You Have the Perfect Boy Book?

If you’re like me and many of your manuscripts have strong boy appeal, it can be tough to find the right publisher.  I comb through the catalogs and think, “Girl book, girl book, princess book…”

Fortunately, Enslow has a new trade imprint specifically for boys.  Here is Speeding Star’s mission as stated by the publisher:

Speeding Star’s mission is to keep boys reading! We create books and content that appeal to their interests and busy lifestyles. Parents, educators, and librarians have told us that many boys will lose interest in reading by 5th grade. These readers fall behind the girls in their classes and sometimes never catch up. By providing easy-to-read books on topics of interest to them, including monster mysteries, sports, and adventure, we can get boys and young men reading again!”

Their first list is set for Fall 2013, starting September 1st. After that, they will publish two lists a year with spring titles launching starting January 1 followed by fall titles on June 1.

And the best news of all?  They are looking for manuscripts.  They want content written at a 4th grade reading level but with appeal for readers from 3rd grade through high school.  They are looking for both fiction and nonfiction and all submissions should come through their on-line form.

To find out more, check out their site.   Me?  I’m noodling over my nonfiction options.



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