Where Do You Get Your Picture Book Ideas?

Making papier mache tea cups has managed to inspired not one but two ideas, one of which has nothing to do with papier mache.

Disclaimer — first things first, I should probably come clean.  I love all the smarty pants answers that other writers come up with when someone asks where they get their ideas.  My personal favorite is “a subscription service.”

So, where do I get my picture book ideas for PiBoIdMo?  Here and there.

It isn’t a very helpful answer, but its the truth.  Looking over my first fourteen ideas here is the “inspirational breakdown”:

1 story inspired by Halloween
1 story about a little girl who keeps getting interrupted
1 nonfiction piece inspired by my Education.com work
1 nonfiction inspired by a discussion with my son

Blog reading:
2 nonfiction historic ideas
1 biography
4 about animals

E-mail subscriptions:
1 from a Friday Idea prompt (weekly prompt for illustrators)

Other books:
1 idea that came to me while reading More Spaghetti

When you read over this list it becomes obvious that whatever I’m doing can be inspirational.  I’m one of those curious people who sees something or hears something and thinks why?  How?  What made it that way?

That said, I am also behind by about 4 ideas.  Why?  Computer issues.  Someone hacked my e-mail.  Someone spoofed my e-mail.  My internet provider was non-helpful until they finally became helpful.  Then the mother board on my husband’s computer went bye-bye.  I don’t tend to brainstorm really well when I’m stressed.  Fortunately, we have the tech schedules to come out and replace the under warranty mother board today.  Things seem to be calming down.

. . . Sorry, I have to go.  Another idea based on another Education.com assignment just percolated to the surface!  Ooo, ooo!  And here comes one fueled by another book.